2020 Pandemic Effect On B2B Companies

2020 Pandemic Effect On B2B Companies The year 2020 was a year of total impact for humanity and the world of B2B.The arrival of COVID-19 began as a local news story, which quickly spread to the point that we had to assume and assimilate a reality that no one expected, the arrival of a pandemic. […]

Saas Is Completely Changing Our Way Of Working

Saas Is Completely Changing Our Way Of Working SaaS is not new software, but it is a very innovative one. With technological tools so useful to this new digital trading system, it has become the No. 1 option for thousands of people and organizations. SaaS is a cloud-based business model that allows users to host […]

How to Be an Inclusive Workplace

How to Be an Inclusive Workplace The past decade has had a focus on inclusivity and stopping racism from happening, and one way to do this is through having an inclusive workplace. On paper, that sounds great, but in practice, it can be challenging. Discussing race and facing our own biases can make us uncomfortable […]

Here’s Why Remote Work is Here to Stay

Here’s Why Remote Work is Here to Stay COVID-19 accelerated the inevitable, with remote work being a part of this. The Internet has evolved enough to make working from home or working from anywhere feasible, but some people want to dive into change unless someone pushes them in. While some think that remote work will go […]

Best Overall VoIP Systems

Best Overall VoIP Systems   Are you in search of the best Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or the VoIP that will satisfy your business needs? Then this post is for you.    VoIP can simply be defined as using the internet to make phone calls instead of using your cell phones or landlines. You […]

VoIP and UCaas: The Differences Explained

VoIP and UCaaS: The Differences Explained It’s not uncommon to see results for “Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)” while searching for VoIP providers online. Chances are you already know what a VoIP is but have no idea what UCaaS is. We hope to explain both here. Future of Collaboration Voiceover Internet Protocols (VoIP)now exists […]

Which is Better: VoIP or SOPS?

Is VoIP or Landline (SOPS) System Better for Your Business? Most businesses find it challenging to decide the type of phone system to install. This is not helped by the fact that most of the available alternatives have both their advantages and disadvantages. Businesses mostly choose between Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, and landline […]

Beginner B2B Tips

10 Beginner’s B2B Tips When one is selling business to business (B2B,) it can be a challenge, especially if your product is something digital. If you’re trying to sell to a business, here are 10 tips to get you started.    1. Communicate on Social Media Give the business a follow. Message them. If you […]

5 Reasons Your Prospects Need VoIP

5 Reasons Your Prospects Need VoIP 5 Reasons Your Prospects Need VoIP Whether your prospects come from small businesses or from some of the largest companies across the world, VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, can help them. When trying to sell them on VoIP’s scalability, functionality, and other features, here are some statements you […]

Look at B2B’s Future

Look at B2B’s Future One report, known as Global B2B E-Commerce Marketplaces 2020, has looked at how B2B e-commerce is going to expand throughout 2024. With e-commerce, it’s always going to be expanding with every year. Not to mention, this report didn’t realize the COVID-19 pandemic, which boosted e-commerce even more. With the B2B side […]