The Importance of Remarketing

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The Importance of Remarketing

Initial marketing strategies to drive traffic to your website are all well and good, but you shouldn’t stop there. It takes committed work to gain new customers in today’s economy, and sometimes it takes getting their attention more than once. That’s where remarketing comes in. Especially when starting out, it’s important to not just be a good marketer but a good remarketer. But what does that mean? 

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a targeted marketing attempt made to users who have visited your website in the past but have not gone any further. These users were interested enough in your brand to check out your website, but have not yet made the jump to become customers. 

For instance, maybe a user added a few items to their cart but never checked out. You might email these users letting them know of a price drop on some of those items, or may send a targeted ad reminding them of the products that sparked their interest. Other examples of remarketing include:

  • “Suggested for you” banner ads
  • Ads that include a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Advertising a discount code for first-time customers
  • Advertising a free trial
  • Special offers for online purchases

Remarketing typically relies on cookies or user data to glean the user’s interest and advertise to them in a targeted way.

When Do You Need To Remarket?

Remarketing is never the first step when it comes to marketing. Give your marketing some time to take effect before jumping at every user who visits your website or ecommerce store. When you’ve had a significant amount of traffic, but not much actual purchase, that’s when you might start remarketing. 

You can consider remarketing to users who have visited your website in the past week or two weeks to start. Those users who have visited most recently are the most likely to make a purchase. From there, you can broaden the net, remarketing to visitors from the past month or the past quarter.

Does Remarketing Work?

98% of users who visit your website will likely leave without making a purchase. Remarketing is not anymore guaranteed than any other form of marketing, but it has been shown to have results. Studies have shown that retargeting can potentially boost your conversion rates by as much as 150%. B2B remarketing has been shown to be even more effective than B2C remarketing. You’re targeting users who have already shown interest in your business, so it’s less of a risk than cold marketing.

Benefits of Remarketing

Thinking about remarketing? This offers a number of benefits to your brand, including:

Targets a Relevant Audience

With remarketing, you don’t have to guess at the demographics that might be interested in your business. Instead, you’re marketing to people who have already taken an interest in your business. They may have even intended to return and make a purchase when they could afford it. All you have to do is remind them that you’re still there and give them the nudge to make a purchase.

Cost Savings

As marketing strategies go, remarketing is a fairly cost effective method. You’re reaching out to a smaller pool of people — those who have already engaged with your business but not become a customer. It also doesn’t include a significant amount of extra costs.

Higher ROI

Because you’re marketing to people who were already somewhat interested in your business, your efforts generally have a higher chance of success. And because remarketing is a cost-effective method in the first place, it more than pays for itself.

Keeps You Relevant

The truth is that many people might take an interest in your business when they first hear about it, but then they forget when they have a chance to actually make a purchase. By remarketing, you make sure that your business stays at the forefront of their minds and relevant to your audience. 

Cuts Down on Cart Abandonment

It can be exciting to see your products going into carts in your online store, but frustrating when those items are never actually purchased. With remarketing, you can cut down on cart abandonment. You can prod those users to finish their purchase or, at the very least, remove those items from their cart if they are no longer interested. Either way, you won’t have to deal with an abandoned cart and you may get a new customer out of the deal.

Already Has Great Timing

With remarketing, you already have the timing down. You know that the user was recently interested in your product, and you can keep yourself fresh in their mind. With other forms of marketing, timing may involve some guesswork, but remarketing is easier in that way.

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