6 Tips for Generating Leads on Facebook

6 tips for generating leads on facebook

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6 Tips for Generating Leads on Facebook

When you use it right, social media can be a great place to generate leads for your business. But every social media platform works differently, with users who engage with it differently than they might on other platforms.

Facebook has long been a place where businesses have set up pages so that their target audience can find them and engage with them. It can also be a place to generate leads. But what are the best ways to generate leads on Facebook? Here are a few tips:

#1 – Pin Your Lead Generation Efforts To The Top Of Your Feed

Just like Twitter, or X as it’s now called, Facebook allows you to pin posts to the top of your feed. This can be a great place to have your lead generation forms. That way, when someone visits your page, that lead generation form is the first thing they’ll see. Pins typically last about 7 days before they are pushed back down to the date that they were posted. However, you can choose to pin a post again if you need longer or you can create a new post for the same lead generation.

#2 – Link Back to Your Landing Pages

If you don’t want to risk warding your target audience off with long Facebook posts, instead make a short Facebook post and then link to your website’s landing pages to generate leads. This could potentially drive up traffic to your website, and it could spread the reach for those landing page offers — such as a free ebook, template, or other benefit in exchange for a newsletter signup.

Facebook users can be wary of clicking on links that take them to other websites, so make sure to lead with the benefit: the reward that they will receive in exchange for signing up. This will pique their interest and make them more inclined to click.

#3 – “Give Before Asking”

Meta For Business itself suggests utilizing lead magnets to generate more leads. Consumers tend to have a “what’s in it for me?” attitude, which makes sense given that they’re…in the market for something that would benefit them. If you offer to provide them a free ebook, template, or discount code in exchange for signing up for an email list, that gives them a taste of what you can offer them early on. It’s similar to those free samples that grocery stores will sometimes give out.

#4 – Run Ads

Facebook allows you to run ads targeted at certain audiences. You can pay per click, per impression, or per download. You can also set a budget cap so that if you have limited funds to dedicate towards lead generation, you can still run the ads. These ads will be able to reach your target audience even if they don’t follow your Facebook page. They can also link users to your website or your shop instead of simply to a Facebook post.

#5 – Utilize Facebook Groups

You can even use Facebook groups to be a lead magnet. With Facebook groups, you can create a community for your customer base. They can connect with each other over shared interests, and even share resources and tips depending on the nature of your brand. Most users prefer private Facebook groups, as this tends to keep spam out and has better moderation.

You can set up a landing page or a signup for an email list and then offer entry into a private Facebook group as a reward. You can also create prerequisite questions on private Facebook groups. To join the group, users will have to fill out those questions, and then you can screen the answers and decide whether to approve them or not. You can include “email address” or some other lead hook in these prerequisite questions to use your Facebook group for lead generation.

#6 – Check Out What Your Competition Is Doing

When in doubt, see how your competition is faring. Are they generating leads on Facebook? Look at what they’re doing successfully, as well as what they might not be doing successfully. Is there a strategy that they employ that you’ve never thought to try? Or is there a lead generation tactic that they’re failing to use that you could take advantage of?

Facebook makes it easy to take a look at the competition. No need to survey your audience or stop by the store. All you have to do is search for their Facebook page, which they likely have. You can gain inspiration with ease and take notes for your own lead generation.

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