How to Market on Facebook Live

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How to Market on Facebook Live

Social media offers a wealth of diverse ways to promote your brand and market to different audiences. One of those options is through Facebook Live. Facebook Live is Facebook’s live streaming service. It can be used to stream events, conversations, or performances. When properly utilized, it can also be a tool to market your brand. Here are our tips for marketing on Facebook Live:

Boost Your Videos

When you post a Facebook Live video relevant to your brand, you want to make sure it reaches your audience. Facebook offers an opportunity to boost your live videos to reach a wider audience through ads. These targeted ads help you reach not just more people but the right customers for your brand. And those people might share your Facebook live streams so that you can reach still more.

Use Influencers

How do you get your audience to pay attention to your brand when you’re just starting out? By using influencers who your audience already knows and respects. You can work out a deal with social media influencers who frequently post Facebook Live videos, offering sponsorship in exchange for an ad spot or shout out in their live stream of your brand. They can direct their audience to your products and services, and soon your own audience will grow.

Livestream Community or Charity Events

Do you like to give back to your community or get involved in charity events relevant to your brand? For instance, a mental health provider network might show up at mental wellness walks or fundraisers. If you like to get involved in community or charity events, livestream your activities for the day. This doesn’t just have to be your local community. Conventions relevant to your industry and audience can also be great ways to put your brand out there. This not only shows your audience where you are but what your values are.

Create an Event For Your Livestream

You want to make sure your audience knows when you’ll be livestreaming so that they can tune in. One way to promote your livestream before it happens is to create an event. This event will show up on your page or group, and you can invite contacts to it, as well. When invited, your audience will receive notifications and reminders that your livestream is upcoming. This way, they won’t miss it and your audience will increase on the days of your stream.


Facebook live is hosted on Facebook, but that doesn’t mean that the feeds can’t be shared or embedded elsewhere. It’s important to share links or post announcements on your website or your other social media accounts. In most cases, your audience from other sources will not need a Facebook account in order to watch your stream, so long as it’s public. This will further grow your audience.

Show Off Your Brand

The point of a Facebook live stream is to be able to show off your brand. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a bright, flashing logo or that you show off merch as much as you can. It can help to show your logo on the screen or to show off new merchandise, but these are not the only ways to position your brand. Consider the mood or the vibe that you want your brand to have, and try to reflect that in your video.

This can be done with lighting. For instance, if your brand is bright and peppy, more light and color in your stream will help to reflect this. If your brand is moodier, dim lights, and deeper colors may be more effective. You can take this into account with your makeup, as well as the accessories that surround you during your stream.

Keep Your Content Engaging

Once your viewers tune in, you want to make sure they stay watching. Use an engaging hook to share the purpose of your stream and the reason that they should continue watching. Make sure you’re offering information that is relevant and exciting to your audience. Facebook Live is an avenue for content marketing. Like any other content marketing, your goal is to keep your audience from clicking away as much as possible.

Include a Call-to-Action

The goal of your Facebook Live stream is likely to get people interested in your brand and encourage them to engage with you further. But how? Do you want them to make a purchase? Sign up for your newsletter? Check out your blog? Make sure your livestream includes a clear CTA, as well as instructions on how your audience can follow up. This can be tacked onto the end of the stream, but if you have a long stream and you’re worried that people might not stick around, consider sprinkling CTAs throughout.

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