How To Apply Marketing Results In B2B And B2C

Many firms have decided if they want a bit drastic to cut digital marketing budgets. Data found in an article shows that the figures fell 6.4% from company revenue this year.There is something that has many alarmed is that the level of investment of the marketing budget for B2B and B2C fell below 10% for […]

Social Media Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING VS. DIGITAL MARKETINGIs social media marketing the same as doing digital marketing? Can someone who makes social media marketing claim to be a digital marketing strategist?Are you clear about what they are and what their functions are?For B2B and B2C, it is essential to know the objectives pursued by each one so […]

B2B Marketing Vs B2C Marketing​

B2B Marketing Vs B2C Marketing HOW DO MARKETING STRATEGY PLANNERS FOR B2B AND B2C FACE THE CHALLENGES? Which of them has the most challenging task and job? For those who are not yet familiar with these terms, the acronym B2B means Business to Business in English. On the other hand, the acronym B2C means Business […]

SMS Are The Perfect Tool To Generate Leads

SMS Are The Perfect Tool To Generate Leads All the technological tools you have at your disposal to generate leads and attract potential clients are practical actions for your business. Social networks, websites, and messaging services are beneficial and versatile platforms to promote communication between your company and your customers. Text messaging services are especially […]

Make The Most Out Of A Trade Show​

Make The Most Out Of A Trade Show The pandemic has led to many cancellations and postponements of fairs in all sectors. Prominent voices from trade fair events worldwide have presented their opinion on what shape they should adopt in this new era to remain attractive. No matter the format 2021 trade shows will adopt, […]

Make The Most Out Of Your Webinar Leads

Make The Most Out Of Your Webinar Leads When it comes to obtaining quality clients, webinars are the perfect and most effective tool to do so, according to figures indicated by Inside Sales. This shows that about 73% of sales and marketing professionals apply the tool as a conversion strategy. However, although the tool in […]

How Can I Increase My Marketing Roi This 2021?

Add Your Heading Text HerHow Can I Increase My Marketing Roi This 2021?e If there is something that B2B marketers are interested in, it can have control over the rates of return on investments made, that is, ROI. 2020 was a year of many difficult challenges to overcome. The pandemic brought obstacles that were unknown […]

13 Lead Generation Strategies

13 Lead Generation Strategies If you have a B2B (Business to Business) digital organization or company, you directly work with companies. Indeed, you are 100% focused on generating leads. By 2021, companies should have the primary goals that, according to the experts, apply the best strategies to increase the number of leads during the year. […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2021

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 If there is something that 2020 taught us, it is to understand that digital platforms are an ideal means of substitution for face-to-face sales. Digital marketing became one of the essential tools in the market, and the arrival of the covid-19 caused more than one to start testing digital alternatives as […]

Want to Mature Your B2B Marketing?

Want to Mature Your B2B Marketing? The 8 Pillars Can Tell You How If you want your B2B marketing experience to mature, then you need to follow the eight pillars. These can map your progress and determine how mature you are. These are eight divided into two groups. The first look at performance and execution, […]